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I've played drums in bands since I was 15 years old, but I started playing snare drum in the 5th grade when a music teacher came to my elementary school and had auditions for his drumming class. I had never played before but apparently I had rhythm because I passed the audition and made the class! From then on I was hooked.

From 5th grade until the first time I sat behind a drum kit in the 9th grade, I would bang on my mom's coffee table with drum sticks. I pretty much demolished that coffee table. In high school a friend of a friend (can't remember her name!) had a kit at her house and she was kind enough to let me sit behind it. The first song I played was "Love Is A Slug" by Fuzzbox. It's not a very difficult song so I could actually play it. I still remember the euphoric feeling I had from that, and the massive headache I got from the loud noise that I wasn't used to. 

During the summer between 9th and 10th grades I formed my first band with my best friends. We were called The Initiative and we played covers of The Cure, The Smiths, Stone Roses... all that great 80s music. Since then I've been in a million bands, some "successful", most not. 

I studied at UCLA where I graduated with a B.A. in music (summa cum laude, thank you very much). During this time I focused on classical percussion and played in ensembles and orchestras such as the UCLA Symphony & Phiharmonia, Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Idyllwild Arts Orchestra, and the American Youth Symphony among others. 

Below are some links to some of the music and moments I'm most proud of...

Ninja Academy - A bass and drums instrumental duo. Yes, we dressed like ninjas. We rarely play out these days.

Evangenitals - Alt-country-ish? Kinda hard to describe. You should just come and see us play. 

Do Something - Good 'old fashioned Rock & Roll but without guitar. Instead? Violin!

Fish Circus - Quirky & theatrical rock/pop with odd time signatures and a fantastic live show. We very rarely play out anymore since our singer lives in Las Vegas and our bass player lives in Spain. When he comes to town we may play in Vegas or the L.A. area.

Funeral Party - Rock band, used to be signed to Sony. I got to tour the world with them, play major festivals and be on TV. No longer together.

Ninja Academy

Your Kung Fu Sucks! music video. Directed by Rachel Tejada.

The Evangenitals

Here we are covering The Devil Went Down to Georgia in San Francisco at the El Rio for their annual shit-kicking Memorial Day event in 2017. 

The rhythm section and violinist for The Evangenitals is actually also Do Something, so this is technically a Do Something cover.

Funeral Party

We did an outdoor show for Vevo in back of the El Capitan Theatre with skaters and bikers. Was hot but pretty fun. 

For some reason I can't add our performance on David Letterman. Here is the link though.

Fish Circus

Live at Echo Curio in Echo Park in 2008

I'll add to this as I do more performances and get more videos. 

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